About Us

Here at Summit Maple Farm, we are focused and committed to sustainability. We consider ourselves stewards of our 50-acre family farm, located in the western foothills of the Green Mountains in Fairfax, VT. On our farm we produce Certified Organic Vermont Maple Syrup and Maple Confections. The sugarbush, where we harvest our sap, is Certified Bird Friendly by Audubon Vermont.  We have solar panels on our sugarhouse that cover the electrical demand producing our maple syrups puts on the grid.  The sap we harvest is boiled over a traditional wood fired arch.  The firewood used is sourced here on the farm utilizing low impact logging methods.  

We (Mike and Jess) are both active-duty service members and have been serving since the early 2000s. Our experiences in the military have prepared us for farming. Hard work and dedication are the backbone of our operation.  Providing our customers with the best service and products is our goal for every customer experience.  Eira, our daughter, personally ensures every batch of syrup made meets the highest standards-

              We hope you enjoy the pure flavor of Vermont!

From our family to yours,

Mike Jess and Eira Willey



This is our sugarhouse in 2021. Right at the end of the season our floor is typically full of filled stainless steel barrels. These barrels hold our syrup when we first make it. The syrup is stored in there until we need to bottle more syrup. This ensures the syrup maintains the freshest flavor year round. Our Syrup spends a minimal time in plastic jugs bringing you the fresh taste of spring in Vermont year round across the country. 
This is our bottler. The syrup is pumped with an pneumatic pump into this stainless steel water jacketed canner. This slowly heats the syrup back up to 190 degrees with indirect heat. This ensures the syrup maintains its original flavor and color. The syrup is hot packed or "canned" into our glass or plastic jugs as we run out of certain sizes.