Q: Why is the syrup jug different then the one pictured on the website?

A: Just like so many other things during the pandemic plastic and glass syrup jugs are extremely difficult to procure. So this means we have been forced to buy whatever syrup jugs we can find. So we apologize if it doesn't look just like the one pictured on the website. But rest assured that it is still our Organic Vermont Maple Syrup and it is the same size, just a different shape or color label. 


Q: Where is the best maple syrup?

A: Well I think that is a no brainer. Summit Maple Farm produces the highest quality maple syrup in Vermont. Our syrup is produced in small batches over a wood fired evaporator. When you buy maple syrup in the grocery store from the larger wholesalers, they buy syrup from all over the northeast from many different producers and they blend in the lower quality syrup to repackage. So always ensure you are buying direct from the farm, and buy your maple syrup from Summit Maple Farm!. 


Q: When should I expect to get my order?

A: We typically ship within 1 business day, sometime it may even ship that same day if you order early in the morning. We deliver orders to USPS every morning at 8am, and USPS averages 3-4 business days, sometimes even quicker. We have had customers report getting their order the next day. However, many factors are out of our hands when we bring the box to USPS. During the holiday season, USPS has long delays and we have had some customers get their orders several weeks later, even though we shipped it in 1 business day. So it is always a good idea to shop for the holidays early!


Q: Do really ship for free?

A: Absolutely YES!! you pay the price you see on our website, and we will ship directly to your front door. save the trip to the grocery store and order our Vermont Maple Syrup direct from the farm. 


Q: Do you have a store front?

A: No. Unfortunately we both work full time in the Army and don't have the time to operate a store front. which is why you can buy our syrup online and get it shipped for free.

Q: Do you provide curbside pick up?

A: Yes, If you are local or visiting the area and want to save a little more money, you can select local pick up and use discount code 'pickup' for 20% off your order and come pick it up at our house. we will leave it at our front door and notify you when it is ready for pick up. 


Q: Is your sugarhouse open for tours?

A: Seasonally we allow visitors. When we are in the sugarhouse making maple syrup during the spring sugaring season we welcome all guests. Keep in mind parking is limited and the sugarhouse is not a large facility. follow us on instagram to see when we are working in the sugarhouse.