Bourbon Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup

We finally did it! We took a batch of our tasty Organic Vermont Maple Syrup and filled a freshly emptied bourbon barrel. It took a lot of patience and believe me it was hard for us to wait, We let it age for several months before cracking it open. But we finally recently cracked open the first barrel and bottled our very first batch of bourbon barrel aged Vermont Maple Syrup into glass bottles. And it is now ready to ship free nationwide just like all of our other products. 

The taste is smooth and sweet. The bourbon flavor is astounding and compliments the rich maple flavor. There are undertones of oak and finishes smooth and leaves a sweet after taste that makes you crave more. 

We just know you will love it, and it is just in time for the holidays. This will make the perfect addition to any Christmas gift or holiday gift. Or even a perfect bottle to bring to that holiday party for an addition to the cocktail bar. Bourbon Barrel aged maple syrup would also be a great part of any Vermont holiday gift basket. So buy one or more so you have enough for yourself. Because this is made in small batches and won't be around for long. 


*This product is not certified organic, because of the barrel, however the syrup that was put in is certified organic.